sábado, 13 de septiembre de 2008

Black hole sun (8)

In my eyes/ Indisposed/ In disguise/ As no one knows/ Hides the face/ Lies the snake/ The sun/ In my disgrace/ Boiling heat/ Summer stenchneath the black/ The sky looks dead/ Call my name/ Through the cream/ And Ill hear you/ Scream again/ Black hole sun/Wont you come/ And wash away the rain/ Black hole sun/ Wont you come/ Wont you come/ Stuttering/ Cold and damp/ Steal the warm wind/ Tired friend/ Times are gone/ For honest men/ And sometimes/ Far too long/ For snakes/ In my shoes/ A walking sleep/ And my youth/I pray to keep/ Heaven send/ Hell away/ No one sings/ Like you/ Anymore/ Hang my head/ Drown my fear/ Till you all just/ Disappear

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