lunes, 4 de mayo de 2009

Violet day

And once you cross the line

"Don't you know you can never go back?"

- she said to a wall, a whole written wall.

All written by herself,

there were things that could destroy me

and things that make me stronger

but after all..

she says I can't give it away

You know I fought the love, but it was all too late.

I know I took the other side

but in the middle I did cross the line

and all I could do, was just lie

all that lies.

It's been years after that

and before that time, there were years too

and the cold still remembers me of you

it's my mind

all in my mind.

I get into that room

and I have to watch the roof

that starry roof.

And then there's always you

right by my side, looking up too.

Now we're alone, talking things so low

watching thru the window

how were things a time ago...

how we flew

with winged spoons

and how we use to make out

joined with the music, shouting the love so loud.

We tried to wash all this

with summer rains

but don't you know what we made?

We made love..

all this love.

In this new room,

you don't even know,

I can breath your skin

and I can embrace all those words.

And the worse of all

it that I don't know what the hell that means

you dont care, and I don't too

but we still go

to the places only we know.

And it's always gonna be that way

cause we're riding the same way

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